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Article Reviewed:  “The Future is Online” by Jim and John Motavalli


This article is a profile of Barry Diller, the current Chairman of InterActive Corporation, and begins by explaining the immensity of his fortune.  HIs fortune is big.  Very big.  After the authors thoroughly explain how much richer Mr. Diller is than the readers, they proceed to document his history as a media mogul.

While the article is heavy on detailing his accomplishments, there were only a few items I found interesting.  The first is his jump from traditional media to the internet in the mid 1990s.  This showed forethought and imagination that many technology and broadcast companies did not have at the time.  It took quite a bit of courage to leave the cash cow of the Fox Network and put his efforts into what became the internet goliath, InterActive Corporation.

The second items I found interesting were two quotes from Mr. Diller.  The first I will mention deals with emotions every entrepreneur feels, passion:

“The only thing anyone should pay attention to, entrepreneur or not, is what intrigues them, what they’re passionate about.  That will lead them to something interesting, at least to yourself, maybe not to anyone else.  But that’s the first stage of any kind of value-added development.” – Barry Diller – Success Magazine, Jan 2012, p 63.

This is the secret of Mr. Diller’s success.  He passionately wanted to work in the world of entertainment.  He quit college and started working in a mail room at William Morris Agency.  Even though he started small, he never lost sight of what he wanted most to do.  He took his passion for entertainment and media from the mailroom to one of the largest collection of internet companies in the world.

The second quote is really a continuation of the first quote.  When asked about retirement, Mr. Diller said:

“Retirement?  No.  I would only retire if I no longer felt engaged.  It’s about still being curious, and that hasn’t stopped for me.  I hope it won’t.” – Barry Diller – Success Magazine, Jan 2012, p 62.

Again his passion is the central cause of his success.  If he did not feel curious and want passionately to satisfy his curiosity, he would not bother to continue to build his internet empire.

When reading a profile piece in magazines like Success, the reader has to look past the information that can be easily found on Wikipedia and look for real substance.  So often there is none.  In this profile, however, Misters Jim and John Motavalli included a few nuggets of information that is actually useful to those of us interested in finding out what made Barry Diller successful.


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