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I read a fascinating article in INC Magazine by Hollis Thomases, President and CEO of Web Advantage. She explained how poor social media up-dates can hurt customer loyalty and passion for your brand. Good outsourcing can help your business and brand grow!

It seems that every other person you meet at a business event claims to be the social media guru! How on earth do you decide if you need to outsource your social media or trust your minimum wage assistant to up-date your social media accounts.  If the later, are you watching over her shoulder to make sure that she is not hurting your business  and branding, and in fact helping it!?!

If you choose to outsource your social media, there are several things to look for in addition to brand appreciation, enthusiasm and true advocacy for your product or service.  Make sure your potential partners:

  • Are aware of all new social media innovations
  • Understand  FCC Disclosure laws
  • Development and implement a social media editorial calendar and produce content in a variety of formats
  • Be properly empowered by you, the client, with the authority to act, react on your brand’s behalf
  • Demonstrate clear competency in all areas of social media
  • Monitor, test and master ever-evolving social media tools

Additionally, find out who will be doing your up-dates and follow their social media accounts. Make sure they are not into bad mouthing your competitors!

Just remember that when it comes to social media, it’s safer to experiment with outsourcing. Just remember:  You own the outcome!

Guest contributor:  Annie Wintrerbottom, Co-founder Orion Social Marketing