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I had no idea when I was invited to a 3 day Social Media Conference last summer at one of the Caribe Resorts in Orlando that it would turn into a new career path for me. I had no idea when I joined this Toastmasters club last September that my newest business partners would come from the membership.

George and I met for a one on one back in September and I told him my plans to begin a social media business. He asked if I wanted to join forces and begin a company, which we named Orion Social Marketing. Orion is the name of a constellation and our tag line is “taking your social media to the stars!”

Social media is to businesses what print media was to 15 years ago. Social media almost ensures that your business will still be in business in 5 years. Social media is not a goal, but rather should support your other business goals and objectives.

There are very few businesses who have not grasped social media – utilities, manufacturing & government. Other than those, all businesses should be looking at utilizing social media, considering the fact that they probably want to still be in business in 5 years.

CEO’s are now joining the social networking sites and it is quickly becoming a CEO agenda item. 4 out of 5 companies in US using social media and most have only 1-3 years’ experience.
We are all familiar with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but how many of these social media websites are you familiar with?
• Scvngr – like a scavenger hunt –doing challenging things at places
• Polyvore – fashion and make-up
• GetGlue – check into movies, TV & music
• Foodspotting – find & recommend dishes, not just restaurants
• Path – the smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love
• Oink – discover and experience great things around you
I’d like to just review a few statistics: for those of you who are wondering about the power of Google+, consider this – it took only 16 days for them to reach 10 million users as compared to Facebook taking almost 900 days and Twitter almost 800 days!

Consider this – 53.5 billion minutes were spent on Facebook world wide in May 2011.