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Everywhere you look; there is an article about social media. I read an interesting article in the Orlando Business Journal this week, by Bill Orben, about how important it is to listen first, prior to jumping into the Twitter pool!

Many times, companies make the mistake of throwing the Twitter duties – think 140 characters or less – to the intern (who, when she/he leaves, will have no allegiance to the company!). Even if this is the case, the job should be overseen by a senior manager. Twitter is timeless and once your words are out there, they are out there!

Twitter has only been around for 5 years. In my personal opinion, Twitter is the best place for up to the minute news. Set your smartphone to Twitter, or open a new window on your computer.

Twitter is not an area for broadcast, but rather a place to have a two way conversation. If a customer has a complaint, and you respond to that complaint in a timely manner, it will show the universe that you are flexible. And, able to respond to challenges and special situations even if they aren’t particularly flattering to your company. How quickly you respond is almost as important as how you respond.

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