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You will be answering:

1. How big is your digital footprint – fans, followers, blog subscribers –
compared to the footprint of your competitors?

2. What is the likelihood that your company, brand or product is being
discussed or that it will be discussed in the social realm?

In July 2011, Microsoft Advertising and Advertiser Perceptions surveyed
social media marketers in six countries around the world. They found that
48% of social marketing budgets are geared toward new fan and follower
acquisition on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook and
Twitter. What the survey also found is that marketers value social platform
presence more highly than advertising on these same platforms. For
example, 74% of marketers thought it was very important to have a presence
on Facebook, but only 57% felt the same way about advertising there.

Some Definitions
Social Footprint:
Your brand’s presence on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube, blogs, Foursquare, etc.

Social Reach:
Estimated number of potential or existing customers you can reach
through your Social Footprint

Social Frequency:
The number of times you engage with your Social Reach via your Social

Social Amplification:
The number of times your Social Reach engages and shares with the
content published through your Social Footprint
Let’s start with some definitions: